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The Project

The Rubies and Orphans Project is a psychosocial project, whereas the focus lies in the psychological as well as the social aspects pertaining  to the mental and physical wellness of orphans worldwide, particularly, the estimated 150 million children and youth falling into the category "Street children".  

The gift of luxury

-Because the greatest gift in life is to receive the luxury of a healthy mind in a healthy body from the very beginning of childhood.

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Joint venture opportunities

Sancti Therapies & Consulting, LTD.

The RO project is run by Sancti Therapies and Consulting, LTD, a British limited company, fully registered with Companies house, UK.

The project is, therefore, not operated under nonprofit organizational law, and will not seek donations to fund the project.

A seat is reserved for you

There is room at the roundtable for entrepreneurs, vendors, merchants, and directors/CEO's wanting to add a philanthropic touch to their luxury sales items and services...

If you are ready to take a seat and want to discuss further the opportunity of collaboration:


+44 020 3883 4038

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The Social Entrepreneurship Sancti Therapies & Consulting (STC), which runs the Rubies and Orphans Project is registered in Copenhagen as well as in London:

STC, Ltd. Companies House Registration: 10799819 

STC Danish Registration CVR: 35987198


By appointment only

Main number: 44 (0)2038834038